how to use continuum without dock to project to a PC

Continuum is one of the most sort out feature in windows phone 10. With the latest bits, you will able to project / connect to Windows 10 PC from a Windows 10 phone without the need of display dock.

What you need

  • Continuum / Projection supported Windows Phone / PC.
  • Windows 10  PC with Miracast hardware support.

Setting up the PC

  • Navigate to settings.
  • Tap on “System”.
  • Tap on “Projecting to this PC”.
  • Alternatively you can also search for “Projecting to this PC”.
  • The setting will be enabled without any warning if your PC hardware supports this feature.
  • Under “Windows PCs and phones can project to this PC when you say its ok”, select the appropriate choice you need.
    • You can choose this to be on secure network (disables projecting in public / adhoc networks like coffee shop, airport etc.).
    • If you want to enable it everywhere, select “Available everywhere”.
  • Under “Ask to project to this PC”, select whether you want the PC to ask the permission every time or just the first time you connect.
  • Turn on / off “Require PIN for pairing”; I suggest you keep it on.
  • If you turn on “This PC can be discovered for projection only when it is plugged in”, then your PC will not be available for projection when running on batteries.

    Continuum - Settings

    Continuum – Settings

Projecting your phone or PC

  • Swipe down from the top to bring down the action center.
    • On the PC, the icon is available at the right corner of the task bar.
  • Tap on connect. If the icon is not visible, click the “Expand” button to show it.
  • Your device will show a set of devices which are already paired / discoverable
  • Tap on the device to which you want to project to.

    Continuum - Connect

    Continuum – Connect

  • Based on your setting in the PC, it will ask permission to project the screen.

    Continuum - Connect

    Continuum – Connect

  • Based on your setting in the PC, a popup will appear asking for the PIN.
  • Key in the PIN on your phone or PC.
  • If you are running Continuum for the first time, your phone show a welcome. Follow the instructions to move forward.

    Continuum - Welcome

    Continuum – Welcome

  • Once you are done, the PC will show the start screen similar to Windows 10 desktop.

    Continuum - Start

    Continuum – Start

  • Your phone will now act like a touch pad for the projection.

    Continuum - Touch Pad

    Continuum – Touch Pad

  • You can also use the keyboard, mouse, etc on your PC just like using your PC.
  • All the continuum enabled apps, will function on this desktop. e.g.) Microsoft Office, Microsoft Health, News etc.

    Continuum - News

    Continuum – News

  • Explore other options available in Continuum by tapping on the ellipsis on your phone or PC.

    Continuum - Options

    Continuum – Options

  • Tap on disconnect on your phone or close the desktop using the close button on your PC.Note: If your phone / PC doesn’t support Continuum, the connect will just project your screen.