how to plan your trip with Cortana

In this how to we will discuss on how to plan your trip with Cortana. When it comes to traveling, there is no better friend than Cortana.

First things first

Enable Cortana on your phone and allow her to read your flight information.

  • Launch Cortana
  • Tap on the hamburger menu on the top right.
  • Tap on settings.
  • Turn on Cortana to offer you tips, ideas etc.
  • Check if the “Detect tracking info, such as flights, in messages on my phone” is turned on.
Cortana Settings

Cortana Settings

Ensure that your flight booking confirmation / ticket arrives to any mail account configured in your phone or as a text.

Turning on Trip Planner

If you had your Trip Planner turned off earlier, below are the steps you will need to follow to turn if back on.

  • Launch Cortana.
  • Tap on the hamburger menu on the top right.
  • Tap on interests.
  • Scroll down to travel.
  • Tap on Trip Planner.
  • Turn on and save.
Trip Planner - Settings

Trip Planner – Settings

Trip Planner - Settings

Trip Planner – Settings


Plan your trip with Cortana

After your ticket has arrived to your email account or as an SMS, it may take few minutes for Cortana to read and get ready with the information you need.

  • Launch Cortana.
  • Wait for Cortana to connect with Microsoft cloud.
  • Scroll down and Cortana will ask if you need to plan for the trip.
  • If you want to find how Cortana found about your trip, tap on “How’d you guess?”
  • Tap on “yes”.
  • You can now plan your trip from anytime now.
  • Tap on “Open my trip plan” to plan your trip with Cortana.
Trip Planner - 1

Trip Planner – 1

Trip Planner - 2

Trip Planner – 2

Trip Planner - 3

Trip Planner – 3


Cortana will open up the planner with everything you may need for the trip.

  • Flight itinerary.
  • Route to airport.
  • Weather.
  • Exchange rates.
  • Place to visit and eat in the destination.


Flight itinerary

From the day you received your tickets, Cortana will track your itinerary. It will let you know of any reschedule, cancellation or delays. Always remember that Cortana relies on third party sites for flight updates and the alerts you receive are subjected to that.

Route to airport

Cortana not only helps you navigate from your location to airport but also it will plan for you to travel to airport.

  • Tap on “Find a route to the airport”.
  • Cortana will give you the route with a travel time; you can change the route in the navigation app.
  • It will also give you option to take a public transport or a hike.

Once you have set the airport navigation, Cortana will keep a watch on the traffic, weather and will update you with a reminder on when to leave your current location to airport. If you haven’t set anything, it will take car travel by default.

Trip Planner - Drive to airport

Trip Planner – Drive to airport


Cortana gives you a snapshot on what the weather is like on the destination. If you want to get more details on the weather, then tap on it and it will launch the weather app to show more information.

Trip Planner - Weather

Trip Planner – Weather

Exchange rates

Cortana will show you the current exchange rate to destination country’s currency automatically. It also allows you enter a value and find the exchange rate conversion to that number.

Trip Planner - Exchange rates

Trip Planner – Exchange rates

Popular food and drink

When you are visiting a place, it is obvious that you would want to try the local cuisine. Cortana will help you find the popular restaurant and places where you eat and drink.

  • Scroll down to Popular food and drink.
  • Tap on any restaurant you like.
  • Cortana will show complete detail of the restaurant with address, timings, menu and reviews.
  • With the restaurant menu, you can launch drive, or your favorite food app.
Trip Planner - Food & Drink

Trip Planner – Food & Drink

 Great Sights

Along with food, Cortana will also help with places to visit in the destination.

  • Scroll down to Great sights.
  • Tap on any location of your interest.
  • You will get to see more information about the location and address to drive to the location.


Trip Planner - Great Sights

Trip Planner – Great Sights

Trip Planner - Great Sights

Trip Planner – Great Sights

As a final verdict, if you can spare 15 mins with Cortana on planning your trip, you will have a memorable trip.