how to find local deal and add a reminder

In this how to we will see how to find local deal and add a reminder about it and also invite someone. In one of our earlier how to we discussed on how to personalize windows phone suggestions on deals, apps etc.; for those who missed it, you can read it here.

Windows Phone Wallet is capable to saving your credit / debit cards, gift cards, paypal etc. and thereby making it easier to buy apps / music / games from the store. Along with this, it also offers you the ability of finding local deals (not available in all regions).

  • Navigate to wallet.
  • Swipe to deals.
  • Tap on add icon.
  • Tap on “find deals”.
  • Scroll through the deals and tap on any deal which interests you.
  • You can either view the deal and go ahead with the purchase or save it.
  • Tap on “save for later” to save the deal in to your wallet. (You will need to key in the wallet PIN if you have set one).
  • The phone will automatically show the list of saved deals ordered by expiration date.
Wallet - Add Deals

Wallet – Add Deals

Wallet - Find Deals

Wallet – Find Deals

Wallet - Deal

Wallet – Deal

Wallet - Saved Deals

Wallet – Saved Deals

If you would like to add a reminder to yourself about the deal, follow the below steps.

  • Tap on deal for which you want to add the reminder.
  • Tap on ellipsis (…) in the about page of the deal to open the menu.
  • Tap on “add reminder”.
  • You will see the a new appointment page with all the details filled in.
  • Select the date, time etc.
  • You can also invite your friend by tapping at “add someone”.
  • Also note that the details of the deal in auto-filled in the notes of the appointment making it easy for yourself and to share.
Wallet - Deal

Wallet – Deal

Wallet - Add Deal Reminder

Wallet – Add Deal Reminder

Wallet - Add Deal Reminder

Wallet – Add Deal Reminder

Wallet - Deal Reminder Invite

Wallet – Deal Reminder Invite

It is always advised to PIN protect your wallet which will not only avoid accidental purchases of music / app from the store but also protect from the violators in case of an unfortunate event of theft or losing your phone. You can read more about protecting your wallet here.