how to activate one hand keyboard and undock keyboard

Windows 10 Mobile comes with a one hand keyboard feature. You also can undock the keyboard and place it anywhere on the screen. Users having large phones may get the most out of this.

Activate one hand keyboard

  • Activate the keyboard by tapping on any area where you can type. e.g. messaging.
  • You can activate the keyboard change menu by tapping and holding “&123”.
    • If you have enabled the language button it will appear on the tap and hold of the language button as shown below.
      Keyboard Menu

      Keyboard Menu

      Keyboard Menu

      Keyboard Menu

  • Tap on the keyboard icon to get an expanded menu and select left or right handed keyboard.
    Keyboard Menu

    Keyboard Menu

    One Hand Keyboard - Right

    One Hand Keyboard – Right

  • To return back to the normal keyboard follow the same steps and select the normal keyboard icon.
  • Alternatively you can also activate it using the docking mechanism as mentioned below.

Undock and move keyboard around

  • Tap and hold the space key in the keyboard, a border around the keyboard will get highlighted.

    Keyboard - Undock

    Keyboard – Undock

  • Now you can drag your keyboard around and place anywhere in the keyboard.

    Keyboard - Top

    Keyboard – Top

  • You can also activate the one hand keyboard by docking to the bottom right or bottom left.