how to continue browsing from one device to other

Windows 8 brings in a lot of unified features including the feature to continue browsing from one device to other.

To explain how this feature works, consider you were browsing couple of pages in your desktop at office, and you want to continue to read the same while you are traveling back to home on your windows phone or a windows tablet, this feature will help you do so just by launching your IE.


  • Windows 8 devices (Phone / PC).
  • Same Microsoft account across devices where you want the sync.

Setting up a Windows Phone

  • Your phone should be set up with a primary Microsoft account.
  • Navigate to settings.
  • Tap on “sync my settings”. You may also search for “Sync my settings” on the search in charms.
  • Turn on “Internet Explorer”
  • Now your phone will be able to communicate your browsing url with other devices using the Microsoft account.
Windows Phone Sync Settings

Windows Phone Sync Settings


Setting up a PC

  • You should use the same Microsoft account as primary account.
  • Navigate to “PC Settings”  (Swipe right for the charms on start screen, Tap on Settings and then tap “PC Settings”)
  • Tap on “OneDrive”.
  • Tap on “Sync settings”.
  • Turn on “Sync your settings on this PC”
  • Turn on “Web Browser” under “Other Settings”
  • Close all the browser instances both on desktop mode & app mode.
Sync Settings PC

PC Sync Settings

You will need to do the above set up on all the devices you need to sync. All the devices should have the same Microsoft account set up as the primary account.

Synching a Phone with other Phones or PCs.

  • If you were browsing in your PC or phone and you want to continue in other phones, Launch IE.
  • From the menu, tap on “Tabs”.
  • Swipe to “Other” tab.
  • Your devices will be listed with the pages beneath that.
  • Tap on the page you will like to continue browsing.
IE Sync Windows Phone

IE Sync Windows Phone


Synching a PC with other Phones or PCs.

  • If you open the IE in desktop mode, open the new tab.
  • Under the frequent tabs, you will find a drop down with other devices you use and the pages you were browsing there.
  • On the IE app, you will find a similar drop down when you expand the tabs.
  • Select the tab with your device name and you can see the tabs opened on that device.
IE Store App Sync

IE Store App Sync

IE Desktop Sync

IE Desktop Sync