how to change the keyboard size

Windows 10 mobile allows you to change the keyboard size and it may come as a good news if you have got smaller or bigger hands. Also, having a keyboard size which isn’t fitting your hands on a longer run isn’t good for your health either. Navigate to Settings Tap on “Time & Language”. Tap on  Keyboard.[…]

how to make speaker default while making or receiving calls

It may happen that you need your phone speaker to be the default device when making / receiving calls instead of the earpiece. Windows 10 mobile now allows you set your speakers to be default when you make /receive calls. Navigate to Settings Tap on System. Tap on Phone. Scroll down to “Audio routing”. Tap on[…]

how to enable tap to share only when your phone is unlocked

“Tap to share” is all good and great, however when the option is set to “Anytime” or “While screen is on”, it also exposes the risk of somebody dropping files into your phone when left unattended. This how to will help you enable “tap to share” only when your phone is unlocked. Navigate to settings.[…]


how to keep app specific notifications private

Windows 10 now allows you set notifications private at the app level. Private notifications will hide the notification from the action center unless the phone is unlocked. However, it will still allow you to see that there is a pending notification. This feature comes handy when you don’t want somebody to pick up your phone[…]